Monday, May 26, 2014

Strut It: 1 White Tee, Two Ways!

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Hello Fashionistas!

I'm SO excited to announce that today's post is a collab with my friend/fellow Canadian blogger Meghan from "Bohonouveau"! We decided to each do a post based around a plain white tee, and create two different looks. I decided to do a casual, edgy look and a classy/sophisticated look. Above you can see the collage I put together showcasing the two different looks, plus where I purchased everything from. :)

I really hope you enjoyed this post, plus the two different outfits I put together for you. This shows that you can take any plain white tee and create many outfits using it! A plain white tee is definitely a staple in my closet! 

Check out Meghan's blog here:

It's such a beautiful day here where I live! I hope all of you are having a great start to the week, and I will talk to you in my next post! <333

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Meghan Ashley said...

Again, LOVE your take on a plain white t-shirt :) So great how you both keep it casual and also show how to dress it up! Happy we did this collab!

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you so much Meghan! :)


Elise said...

Awesome! I need lots of plain white tee styling posts. I have so many! I love the outfit on the left with the shirt tied around the waist.

Sydney Kelly said...

Hi Elise,
I know, I love white tee's and I own many as well! lol I can definitely do another one of these " 1 white tee, two ways" post, if you would like?
Thanks for reading. :)


Tiny Tang said...

I really like both looks. A white t-shirt is a must for any girl, and i really like how you've styled them, great job girlies :) x
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Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you so much! So happy you enjoyed this post and like the outfits! :)