Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Current Fashion Faves 2014! ♥

Hello Fashionistas!
 Today I want to share some of my current fashion faves with you! A lot of these clothing items I own, and some are what I would like to purchase. 

Long necklaces are currently my obsession, I love how they can help transform an outfit into a "boho chic" look. (I would LOVE to find one similar to the Chevron necklace shown in the photo!)

I've also have been loving my red beanie I recently purchased from Old Navy! (Similar to the one in the photo.)

Backpack-purses are a new fave of mine! I bought one from a store called "Bentley" a Canadian store, mine is very similar to the one photographed.

My all-time fave accessory at the moment, is my brand new Burberry replica scarf, it looks exactly like the one in the photo.

You can view the rest of my current fashion faves in the collage shown above. I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully this post inspired you! ♥

* All of the photos in the collage are taken from Pinterest. (Follow me on Pinterest if you'd like.)

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I hope you all have an amazing week!

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