Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Holiday Outfit Ideas 2013!

Hello Fashionistas! 
"OMG! what am I going to wear!? I have holiday party that I have to attend in two days and I still have nothing to wear!" Is this going through your brain right now? Well don't worry I'm here to help! In this post I will be sharing two last minute holiday outfit ideas that I have put together.

This first outfit is for the ladies out there who don't necessarily enjoy wearing dresses, but still want to look polished and elegant for the holidays.
I've put together this jumpsuit outfit to give you an idea of what you can wear. 

I started off with a plain black jumpsuit, a jumpsuit is perfect because its all-in-one and you don't need to buy a top or pair of pants separately. To keep this look festive, I added a red blazer a pair of black booties, and a statement black bubble necklace to complete the outfit. (Just as a side tip, a coloured blazer is a good way to liven up an outfit!)

This second outfit is for all of the ladies out there who do like to wear dresses. I started this outfit off with a gorgeous navy & pink lace dress, now I know navy and pink aren't exactly "holiday" colours, but I do however think that lace gives an elegance and somewhat festive look. I finished this outfit off with a pair of pink statement earrings, and navy blue pumps.

Hopefully these two different outfits I put together will spark some inspiration, and help you pick out your fabulous holiday outfit! 

Good Luck & Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

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