Tuesday, June 18, 2013

☀ Summertime Fashion Essentials 2013!

Hello Fashionistas! 
Today's post is all about "Summer Fashion Essentials". I've put together a little collage to share with you, what I think are perfect fashion essentials that I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe for Summer! :)

1. A Summer Dress
I think every girl should have at least one cute summer dress in their closet. If you're not a person who likes short dresses, then try opting for a maxi dress! :)

2. Backpack Purse
 I don't know if you've noticed, but "Backpack purses" are very popular this season. I recently purchased a beautiful one from Victoria's Secret! They're seriously quite practical, and are also better for your back & shoulders!

3. Sandals/ Flip- Flops
Depending on what you personally prefer, sandals or flip-flops are must have shoes for Summer!
I know a lot of people really like flip-flops just because you can quickly put them on before you head out the door, and they go with every outfit. If you want something a little dressier, especially for a night out then a pair of t- strap sandals are perfect!

4. Sun Hat/Sunglasses
We all know the danger of the sun's rays, so a hat and sunglasses are a MUST in the Summer! Let's be honest though... most of us wear it for the fashion aspect of it as well!

5. Cute Headband/ Earrings
Minimal accessories is the way to go for Summer. Try a cute headband with a messy bun and a cute pair of stud earrings! :)

I hope you all enjoyed today's fashion post! Stay tuned for more coming soon...
Thanks for reading!♥


Meghan Silva said...

That striped dress is amazing and those earrings , great post.

Meghan Silva's Blog

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you!! I know, I adore the dress!


Kierra Makayla said...

Love dresses for the summer. I love the colorful one.
Love, Kierra Makayla

Lauren said...

Maxi dresses are my fav all time summer essential! Great picks xo

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you!! :)