Friday, June 8, 2012

Get The Look (For Less): Selena Gomez Elle Magazine Cover Photoshoot July Issue 2012! ~ Dupes For Less!

Hello Fashionistas! 
I absolutely LOVE Selena Gomez's look from her new "Elle" magazine cover shoot! She looks stunning! Today, I decided to share with you some of the photos I really like from her shoot, as well the trendy clothing pieces she is wearing. But, that's not all... I will also show you some "dupes" for less! Follow me on twitter for more updates: @sydneykelly01
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Selena Gomez "Elle" Magazine Cover Shoot

Don't you just LOVE that top!? So stylish/glamorous!

Here are the THREE outfits, that really inspired me the most! I've decided to try and find similar clothing pieces to "copycat" Selena's three beautiful outfits!

Outfit #1
                                                                                                 Outfit #1 Dupe:

 This first outfit is personally one of my favourites, out of all of her outfits from the photoshoot!
Selena appears to be wearing a "croshay" styled dress. She also has a big black belt at her waist, and for accessories she is keeping it simple with some chain bracelets in gold and silver.

The "dupes" I found for her first outfit and accessories is a black "Ruched Halter" dress from "Forever21" which retails for $21.80, a skinny black belt from "Forever21 for $7.80. I also found this gold and white chain bracelet at "Forever21" for $6.80. 

Outfit #2                                                                Outfit #2 Dupe:

This is the second outfit, plus the "dupes" I found for less! It was actually VERY hard to try and find "dupes" for her clothing pieces and accessories for this outfit, but I think I managed ok. You can obviously see that I could not find EXACT matches... but I tried to find similar pieces of clothing and accessories that that match hers.
Selena Gomez is wearing a beautiful bright orange "bandeau" top. ( It makes me want to go out and buy one now!) She is also wearing an interesting pair of bright blue and white striped pants. For accessories, it appears she has on some kind of chain necklace, as well as chain bracelets again. She also has on a thin blue and white belt on.
The "dupes" I found for her second outfit, are these blue pants from "Forever21" they retail for $27.80. I found this bright orange "bandeau" top from "" , and for accessories I found this silver chain necklace from "Forever21" it costs $7.80. Lastly, the belt is also from "ShopStyle" and it retails for " $12.99.

Outfit # 3                                                        Outfit #3 Dupe:                 

This is the final outfit, plus the "dupes" I found for less! I absolutely love this outfit, and it was so much for to try and find a "dupe" for the dress and accessories to go along with it!
Selena is wearing a gorgeous deep red "peplum" style dress, for accessories she has on a thick black chain necklace, and a pair of big black star dangle earrings.

The "dupes" I found for her third outfit, is this gorgeous red "peplum" dress from "" it retails for $94.00. I think that is kind of expensive, so you will notice I've added another "dupe" for Selena's dress on the right side. This other dress is from "Urban Outfitters" this dress retails for $39.99 on sale! I found this black and gold chain necklace. These big dangle black star earrings are from "Claires" and they retail for only $7.25.

Which outfit is YOUR favourite from Selena Gomez's NEW "Elle' Magazine Photoshoot?!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more posts coming soon...
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The Lacquer Factor said...

Great outfit dupes!! I am a new GFC follower through the BLT blog hop!

Sydney Kelly said...

Well, thank you so much! :) I will def check out your blog! :)


Rachel said...

Gosh your amazing at this, it should be your job finding dupes for celebrity clothes :)

Sydney Kelly said...

Haha. awe your so sweet Rachel! I wish It could be my job :)


whimsicalityindisguise said...

whoa!! thank you so much for putting this post together, so amazing!! and selena looks absolutely gorgeous in this spread!


Sydney Kelly said...

Thanks so much! :)Glad you enjoyed the post! Have a great rest of your weekend!