Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Birkin

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Today I am back with a new blog post. I'm so sorry, that I have been slacking a little on my posts, I've just been quite busy these days. Anyway, today's blog post is actually on purses, the "Birkin" purse to be exact. I actually only came across this beautiful purse/bag a few nights ago, while searching online. This purse "The Birkin" is actually quite a simple styled purse, with its square shape and short handles. Today, I am showing you a few pictures of "Birkin" purses/bags, as well as a few cheaper sort of "dupe" options from other different "brand" name purses. Basically, I'm showing you other purses, that I think have a similar look to the "Birkin" bag. Don't forget get to leave your comments in the comment section below! Also follow me sydneykelly01 on twitter for more updates! Now, let's begin...

                           The Birkin

The "Birkin" is actually a handbag by Hermes. It is also named after the actress and singer Jane Birkin. Birkin bags can range from $9.000- $150.000 dollars! Now, that's an expensive purse!

  Pink Birkin          


Pink Prada: Square Top Handles                                                                             

 I found this "Prada" purse for SALE online at "http://www.shoppingyourbags.com" This bag on sale retails for $266.00.  I think that this certain style "Prada" purse has very similar features to the pink "Birkin" bag on the left.  They are pretty much the same colour, they both have that similar 'square" shape, that most "Birkin" bags have. They also both have small handles. I noticed that "Birkin" bags don't have very much detailing at all to them, which this "Prada" purse also has very limited amount of detailing as well.

   A Collection of Birkin bags.                  Marc Jacobs: Ozzie Square Perfect Crossbody Purse  

Here is another purse that I found, which I think has a similar look to the "Birkin" bag.
This purse is actually by the designer "Marc Jacobs". This Marc Jacobs purse is a gray-cream colour.
I am actually not certain on what the price is of this purse, but I did however find it online at "http://www.pursepage.com". 
Again, like the "Birkin" bag, this one by "Marc Jacobs" actually has that same similar "square" shape to it, as well as the short handles. In the title of this purse it actually states, that it is a "crossbody" purse. That is one difference I found between the two, as well the the "Marc Jacobs" purse actually has a little bit more detailing on it, then the "Birkin" bag does.

The reason I just love the "Birkin" bag, is because of it's simplicity, and for some their bright, bold colour!

If you want to read up more about these two purses, that I think have a similar style to the "Birkin" bag, then just click on the websites given.



I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you'd like me to do more "purse/bag" posts just let me know in the comments!
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