Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easy Winter Breakfast/ Drink Ideas! ♥

Hello! I have missed you guys soooooo much! I am soooo super sorry that I have been completely MIA from my blog for what weeks, maybe months now!? But, here are a few delicious and perfect breakfast ideas for the Winter season! Plus, I have one drink idea to share with you as well. :) 

* You can watch my video on how I made each breakfast item here!

* This literally tastes like a warm apple pie, but in smoothie form!!! It's soooo good!

If any of you try these out, let me know in the comments! :) * Please note that I did not come up with all of these recipes on my own! I found some of these on Pinterest and wanted to share them with you! I hope you enjoyed this post! 

~ Xo Sydney

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