Friday, February 28, 2014

ROAR! Cheetah Print (Movie Night)

* Click on the photos to enlarge!

Cheetah Print Top: Winners (purchased 3 years ago) (similar here)
Cheetah Print Leggings: Giant Tiger (similar here)
Tan Cardigan: Old Navy (exact)
(I am also just wearing little stud earrings... not photographed!)
(Don't forget to wear red lipstick with an outfit like this! :P)
* The reason as to why I don't show my shoes very much in my posts right now, is because I basically have been just wearing the same winter boots everyday! It has been so cold and snowy here so I can't really wear anything else!

Hello Fashionistas!
Last night I went to the movies with my sister, we saw the movie "That Awkward Moment". I decided to wear quite a "bold" outfit as some might call it, I know this outfit is not everyone's taste but I actually really loved my outfit! (plus it's a very comfy outfit!)
Most people say if you're going to wear a "bold" print like Cheetah print, then you should either wear it as a "top" or "bottom" piece. 

Last night I was feeling kind of "daring" and decided to go for a full top to bottom Cheetah print outfit! I am also a very petite women so this outfit helps create the illusion that I have a longer body. If you're afraid of trying out a look like this, try adding a black cardigan or a tan one (like I did) to help tone down the outfit. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more coming next week! 
Have a wonderful weekend Fashionistas!


Because of Jackie said...

Oh, I like this! The two cheetah prints together are fun, I like to be a bold on occasion, too. It makes things fun;)

Aglolga said...

Hi Sydney,
Wow, great idea! It looks comfortable and bold at the same time. When I saw it I thought it is just one piece of clothing, incredible! I hope you had an amazing night:).
Lots of love,

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you Jackie, being bold is fun! Have a wonderful weekend!


Sydney Kelly said...

Hi Olga,
Thank you very much! I did have a fabulous night! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!