Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Closet~Celeb Style- Aria Montgomery From Pretty Little Liars Inspired!

Shhhh... (Just kidding, share this post! :P)

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Wearing- Black & White Striped T-Shirt: Giant Tiger (Candy Couture) (similar here)
White Waffle-Knit Long Sleeve Top: Old Navy (Wearing under the t-shirt to achieve a look similar to Aria's!) (exact)
Black Fleece Lined Leggings: Winners (Katsumi) (similar here)
Jeweled Floral Bib Necklace: The Bay (similar here)
Black Booties
Black Cross-body Purse: Danier (find here)

Hello Fashionistas! 
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, it's freezing cold here... but honestly what's new? It's winter right? Today I am doing another post inspired by the show "Pretty Little Liars", can you guess what character I'm taking inspiration from today? I know, you can already tell from the photos that it is Aria Montgomery. I will say that Aria's style is probably most similar to my style, edgy & girly. This outfit I chose is more of a casual, toned down outfit... then other outfits Aria can be seen wearing. (This outfit is definitely my style, I love stripes!

Aria is wearing a black and white striped long sleeve top, a pair of back leggings, (or maybe skinny jeans?) and to finish off she is rocking a statement bib necklace and a pair of black booties. (As this show takes place in school, she is also carrying her black cross-body bag)
I've of course taken clothing items from my own closet, to re-create Aria's outfit on myself.
I'm wearing a white long sleeve top underneath my white and black striped t-shirt, (I did this to get a similar look to Aria's, as I don't own a black & white long sleeve top!) to finished off I put on my black fleece lined leggings and black booties. For accessories I opted for my floral bib necklace, it was the only necklace I had that looked sort of similar to Aria's!

This completes the second outfit in my "My Closet~ Celeb Style" Pretty Little Liars inspired series! I hope you are all enjoying these posts, stay tuned for more coming soon...

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Thanks for reading! 


Eleanor said...

arias style is so great! love this look on you! :)

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you so much, Eleanor! :)


La La La Lucy said...

I love Aria's style, it's so different from the other Liars
ox Lucy

Sydney Kelly said...

I love her style as well! Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.