Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Closet Staples!

Hello Fashionistas!
 Today I am sharing with you my closet "staple" pieces. These are clothing/accessories that are essential in my closet, and are used to create many different outfit looks! They're my "most used/go to" items! Enjoy :)


A white t-shirt & a black one are definitely "must have" items in my closet. You can really create a stylish outfit by starting off with a basic white/black t-shirt, plus these neutral colours go with everything!

For me, I need to have at least one blazer, a faux leather jacket, & a jean jacket in my closet!
These "jackets" are pretty versatile and stay "in style" for a number of years!


Not going to lie, leggings are my "go to" pants! I have leggings in a bunch of different colours, I find  they just look cute with a ton of different tops!
As for jeans, well, I can guarantee that pretty much everyone has at least one pair in their closet. I have both light-wash & dark-wash jeans in my closet! 

Statement necklaces & a pair of gold hoop earrings are a "MUST" for me! They really help "spice" up any outfit!


Shoes. Oh how I LOVE shoes! I am someone who needs to have practical shoes in my closet. You might or might not know this, but I recently underwent an operation on my knee due to a knee ligament injury. So, at this time I am unable to wear heels... so my closet consists of flats, boots, and running shoes! But I do think everything should own these kinds of shoes in their closets as well!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments some of YOUR "closet staples"! :)


Jordy said...

Definitely agree! These are my staples too :) x

Valerie Angel said...

Great post. :)

-♡ Valerie Angel