Sunday, May 20, 2012

Get The Look (For Less): Charice Pempengco's Preview Magazine Cover!

Good Morning Fashionistas, I decided to post a new blog post today, because
I saw this stunning cover photo of Charice Pempengco on PREVIEW magazine,
and I really wanted to do a blog post about it! Charice takes on more of a mature "look"
on the cover, I absolutely LOVE the bright coral/red colours she is wearing, definitely perfect for this
season! I am going to show you how to get a similar look to Charice's
while staying on a BUDGET. Don't forget to leave your thoughts & comments below! Let's begin...

Charice Pempengco- PREVIEW Magazine Cover:

I am unsure of who is actually the designer
of this beautiful dress she is wearing on the

Jacquard Mod Skirt- Forever21

<--- I found this coral/red and cream coloured skirt at "Forever21". I think this skirt has a very similar looking style to the one Charice is wearing on her cover. The one detail that is different, is that this skirt incorporates some cream detailing, whereas Charice's does not. This skirt retails for $19.90.

Linen T-shirt With Shoulder Openings- Zara

<--- I found this top from "Zara" and I actually think it would look very nice with the skirt from "Forever21". I love the fact that this top has cutoff shoulders, I think it gives that sexy/mature vibe. Obviously it's not exactly like Charice's "top" part of her dress... but I do think this top would give kind of a similar style, but of course still be wearable for everyday! This top retails for $35.90.

It looks like Charice is wearing some kind of silver belt around her waist
so, you could just add a belt that you own from your own closet to save some money.
Total Cost Of The Outfit: $55.80

Also, the reason I did a skirt and top instead of finding a dress that looks
similar to Charice's cover dress is because, I think for more of an everyday look it easier to find and to wear.

That is all for this blog post, stay tuned for new posts coming NEXT week!
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chaster0418 said...

Very nice!! Thanks for sharing this blog!! Charice looks AWESOME!! Love her!!

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yes, she is awesome!
Xo Sydney

java_ph said...

The "on a budget" twist is a great handy fashion tip for those who aim for Charice's Preview look. Haven't seen any post like this anywhere.

By the way, the wardrobe on the cover is by Filipino designer Xernan Orticio. Shameless plug but more credits and the inside spread here

Sydney Kelly said...

Well... Thank you so much! Your so sweet!

Kassica said... in the singer? She looks great!
I passed on the sunshine award to your blog! Check out my post for more info...

Sydney Kelly said...

Awe. Thats very sweet of you!! What do I have to do for that award? :)