Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Closet~Celeb Style- Selena Gomez

Hello Fashionistas! 
I'm am starting off this blog with an original series called "My Closet, Celeb Style". This series is all about achieving "celebrity fashion"  using peices YOU and I have in our closets, and doesn't require you to spend money at all! Let's get started... sha'll we?...

Today I chose to "copycat" Selena Gomez's style.
I loved her cute, yet stylish, casual outfit she is wearing in the photos shown below.

 As you can see Selena Gomez is wearing an "off white" tank top, with a little "material" vest, and some tight black skinny jeans. For jewelery she is wearing a ton a colourful bracelets, & a small silver necklace. The amount of jewelery she has on just completes this casual outfit, without overdoing it.

 I have a added a photo of my on the right side, that shows you what i'm wearing to "copy cat" Selena's outfit.

To start off I am wearing an "off white" T-shirt, because It is still winter outside and I wanted to keep my outfit practical towards the cold weather. Then I am wearing a gray little "material" vest, as well some tight black skinny jeans like Selena is wearing in the inspired photo. I topped it off by adding my own bunch of colourful bracelets, and a little silver necklace.

Selena Gomez is wearing these strappy, black sophisticated heels,
Which adds some "edgyness" to her outfit & completes it.

I didnt really have anything that imitated Selena's shoes, so I just wore these black booties that I have which gives a similar look.

I really hope you all enjoyed my first "blog post" as well, the beginning to my FIRST blog "post" series! 
Love you guys! 

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