Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get The Look (For Less): Emily Vancamp's Flare Magazine Cover!

Hello Fashionistas! 
I thought that Canadian actress Emily Vancamp's cover look for "Flare" Magazine was absolutely stunning! Of course as well perfect for springtime! I mean just look how beautiful that dress is! Today I am showing a  "cheaper" way to get an outfit just like Emily is wearing on the cover, accessories and all.... This is a perfect outfit for a "date night"!

Emily's "Flare" Cover Look

 Emily Vancamp's "Flare" Magazine Cover dress is by designer: Emilio Pucci

Emily's earrings are by designer: Dolce Gabbana

Ring by designer: Clara Kasavina

Dress: I found this dress from "Forever21" it is Cream and Yellow coloured just like Emily's. The cost of this dress is $29.80. This dress is obviously NOT an exact "dupe" to Emily's but, It has a bit of a similar "look" to hers with the ruffles and all the detailing. It is also much more wearable for everyday in the spring & summer. It's perfect for going a a casual date night, or just simply spending the day at the beach. Note: The dress does not have long sleeves like Emily's dress!

 Dress #2: This is the second dress I found, which kind of has more of a similar "look" to the one Emily is wearing in terms of the "style" of the dress. I say this because this dress has long sleeves like Emily's does, and is the same length as the one she is wearing. The difference is that Emily's dress has much more detail, whereas this dress has a pattern all over it, but isnt as bold. This dress is also yellow & cream coloured. The cost of this dress is, $23.80. This is the cheaper dress of the two shown.

Ring: You could just choose ANY ring you own and slip that on, but I found this silver ring from "Forever21" for only $4.80. Emily's ring appears to be a clusters of different patterns, the ring I found is just a cluster of flowers.

Earrings: I found these earrings from "Forever21" which give a similar look to the expensive ones Emily is wearing. These earrings are just big 'drop" earrings that have a bunch of big jewels, kind of like Emily's earrings. Emily's earrings however do have big colourful jewels, But these earrings I found sort of have a similar look to Emily's earrings. These earrings cost: $10.80

Total cost of outfit with Dress #1: $45.40
Total cost of outfit with Dress #2: $39.40

I hope you all found this post helpful & hopefully you enjoyed! 
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