Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey Everyone! I'M BACK!!! I know! I've been MIA for far too long... I've missed talking writing to you guys! Well... first of all, I want to let you know that I do have a brand NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! OK, I know what some of you're thinking "Why do you keep deleting your youtube channels and opening new ones!?" The answer to that is simple; I had a glitch on my old channel and I couldn't fix it, but I knew I still wanted to make videos... so I opened a new one! I promise I WILL NOT delete this new channel! I love making videos and I wanted to let those who didn't know, that I also make videos as well as 'kind of blog on here' ya... notice I used the word "kind of " because I know I have majorly neglected this blog for a few months now! I am so sorry about that! The good news is... every time I upload a new video from now on.... I will also be uploading them onto my blog so that you all can watch! :) Thank you SO MUCH for your continuous support! I am excited for you to see all of my videos coming soon! ~Xo Sydney

(CLICK the PHOTO to watch my NEW video!)

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