Monday, August 18, 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial- Kylie's Signature Neutral Eyes & Big Mauve-Nude Lips!

View my video tutorial here!

Kylie Jenner is now basically an icon for her big "Mauve-Nude" lips! Every girl is trying to find out what Kylie is wearing on her lips in pretty much every single one of her Instagram "selfies". It has been said that she is actually wearing the lipliner in "Whirl" by MAC, a gorgeous "Mauve- Nude" colour. She apparently uses that to line and fill in her lips. It is also said that Kylie wears the lipstick "Faux" by MAC as well. For this tutorial I wanted to show you a cheaper alternative, a "dupe" for MAC's "Whirl" lipliner & "MAC's "Faux" lipstick. I found a very similar lipliner at the drugstore called " Plum" by Maybelline, and a NYX lipstick in the colour "Thalia"! This drugstore lipliner & lipstick duo make the perfect match to the colour Kylie wears on her lips! I hope enjoy this tutorial! :)

~Xo Sydney


Aglolga said...

Hi Sydney!:)

Wow, I love this look. It's perfect for any occasion. You look stunning!:) You got inspired by her makeup look, she should get inspired by your hair rutine;).


Sydney Kelly said...

Hi Olga,
Thanks so much! You always leave the sweetest comments :)))

~Xo Sydney

Amanda Baby said...

Great post and good to see a product that I can buy instead of everyone using Mac Cosmetics!

Sydney Kelly said...

Hey Amanda! :) Thank you so much! SO happy you enjoyed this post! I always love finding drugstore dupes, why pay $20 when you can pay like $6!? Right?

~Xo Sydney