Monday, June 16, 2014

My All Natural Skincare Routine! (Face)

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Hello Fashionistas!
As you can see I'm doing quite a different post today. I will say however that this post is still considered fashion related. (at least to me it is) You're probably wondering... how? Well, I believe being confident in/with your skin plays a big role in fashion. Why? because if you are having bad break-outs you will most likely feel less confident with youself, therefore no matter what you wear it won't look nice due to your phyical appearce. ( Psychologically because of break-outs.) So today I want to share my "All Natural Skincare Routine" with you! I'm really hoping this post helps some of you out!

Alright, so a few months ago I noticed that my skin was not at it's best. I would easily and frequently break-out. Usually I only had break-outs during my period, (like most women) but it was happening a lot and the pimples really hurt! This is when I figured something was wrong because I am not a person who is normally prone to acne... but during this time it seemed like I was. I would basically have a new pimple pop up everyday and a lot of them were cystic.(I even started breaking out on my back! Something that has NEVER happened to me before!) I will admit that when I was younger I wasn't as adamant about cleasing my skin as I am now, so I do have a few acne scars on my forehead still due to that. (You can see that most break-outs happen on my forehead.) As a side note* I don't wear foundation, BB cream or any type of base like that on my face. I am a very natural person when it comes to makeup. I do wear concealer under my eyes. I decided to dig a little deeper and try and find out what the problem was. At first I thought it could be something I was eating, but honestly I have never been allergic to any type of food. So I figured that couldn't be it, then it dawned on me that maybe it was something in my skincare products! Needless to say I did some research online to try and find really good (not that expensive) all natural skincare products. Above is a photo of the natural skincare products that I found and am loving! (Also you can see a before & after photo of what my skin looked like before using all natural products, and the improvment since using them. I absolutely LOVE all of these products, they are really gentle and help keep my skin looking fresh and clean. 

I have one cleanser which is the "Bio Beaute Cleansing Foam By Nuxe" cleanser that I use morning and night. (I just use this "Precision Beauty" face brush to cleanse my skin with it. I use the "Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub" about 3 times a week to exfolite my skin. (This is such a gentle exfoliator that you could probably use it everyday!) I use the "Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizer With SPF 30" to moisturize my skin during the day. ( ALWAYS make sure you apply sunscreen! It's very important, not only for your health but for your skin as well.) For a night cream I use the "Neutrogena Naturals Night Cream" it's a thick consistency, perfect for moisturizing your skin during the night. I really love using an eye cream because I do have pretty noticable undereye dark circles. I am trying out a sample of the "Origins No Puff Eye Gel" and it's amazing! I am probably going to buy the full size. As for a toner I use the "Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner" and can I just tell you how much I love this stuff!? I never in my life completely used up a toner until I found this one, this is actually my second bottle! Overall, since I changed over to using only natural skincare products I have noticed such a significant improvement in my skin. Now, I am not saying that switching to all natural products will for sure help your skin, however it's worth a try. You can click on the icons below to purchase these products if you're interested! I really hope this post was helpful for a lot of you! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see my "All Natural Skincare Routine For Body!" Thanks for reading. 


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courtney conway said...

Your skin totally looks awesome now! I'm such a believer in more natural products for my skin. I do of course use some that aren't natural since it's sometimes hard to find goof all natural cleansers but all natural moisturizers and toners are amazing! Virgin coconut oil is also awesome if you want to try something natural for a moisturizer!

Sydney Kelly said...

Hi Courtney, thank you so much for the sweet comment about my skin! I'm so happy with the improvement. I will for sure check out that Virgin coconut oil. :) Thanks for sharing and reading! Xo Sydney

Aglolga said...

Hello Sydney,

I had never had any problems with my skin until I went to university. I started having break-ups, my skin was dry and oily at the same time. It was really difficult to keep eat clean and moisturized. I realized that these "anti-acne" acne products are not good for me as they contain alcohol, so I started using more natural products. One of my favourites is Fitomed toner with herbal extract of licorice and some more herbs. Unfortunately it's avaliable only in Poland and I can't get most of the products you recommended here. Be careful with virgin coconut oil since it's comedogenic and is likely to clog pores.
Lots of love,

Aglolga said...

I don't know why I wrote "eat" instead of "it", haha, I'm sorry, but I hope it will make you smile:)

Sydney Kelly said...

Hi Olga,
Too bad that I can't get that "Fitomed toner" sounds amazing! Interesting that your skin was dry & oily at the same time. Thank you for letting me know about coconut oil, I will not purchase it as I do not want to clog my pores. Hahha "eat" instead of "it" Thanks for reading! :))

Xo Sydney