Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get The Look (For Less): Kelsey Chow's Cosmopolitan July 2012- Norway Edition!

Hello Fashionistas!
Today's blog post is a "Get The Look" post. I recently saw Kelsey Chow, on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine- The Norway Edition. I'm not from Norway, so I was only able to actually view the magazine cover online. I absolutely LOVE her outfit, to me it screams  ...SUMMER! Everything about her outfit is just so stylish, and girly! Lets Begin...

Kelsey Chow's Cosmopolitan Cover 

As seen in the photo above (Kelsey's Cover), you will notice Kelsey is wearing the TWO most popular fashion trends for this summer, pastel coloured demin and lace bandeau's/lace.

What I really like about this lace bandeau, is that it's longer in size plus it has a slight "sweet heart" shape to it. Kelsey's has a very pronounced "sweet heart" shape to it, but the one I found will still give you that similar look to Kelsey's. This bandeau retails for "$28.00".

These are the "Pastel Mint Green" skinny jeans I found, that look very similar to Kelsey's. I found these jeans on "". These jeans are on SALE for "$12.00"!


 Kelsey is wearing a clear "heart- shaped' ring, as well a green "square" shaped ring.

Kelsey is also wearing a plain silver chain necklace.

For shoes, Kelsey is wearing a pair of very unique looking "Neon Green & Black" heels.

Rings: I found this clear stone ring from "Forever21" for$6.80. 
The second ring, which a green/turquoise coloured ring is actually also from "Forever21". This one is actually cheaper, it only retails for "$5.80".

This is the silver necklace I found on "" for "$48.00".

For the shoes, I had to stick with plain old "black" peep- toe pumps. I could NOT find anything similar to the unique "Neon Green & Black" peep- toe heels that Kelsey is wearing.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more coming soon...
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Southern Glamourista said...

Very cute!

Sydney Kelly said...

I know eh? don't you just love her outfit! :) Thanks so much for reading!


Valerie Angel said...

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-♡ Valerie Angel

Sydney Kelly said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Adele said...

I totally love this look!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

Sydney Kelly said...

Thank you so much! I definitely will!