Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get The Look (For Less): Shay Mitchell's Seventeen Magazine Prom Cover!

Hello Fashionistas! 
OMG! Shay Mitchell looked STUNNING on the cover of Seventeen Magazine for the "Prom" issue!
All of the dresses she wore for her photo-shoot for the magazine are BEAUTIFUL!! The one dress that really stood out to me is the "Green Leopard Print" dress by designer Jovani. I know I would definitely wear that dress to prom, its just gorgeous and such a unique colour for a dress that you don't see very often, plus the leopard print just made it that more fabulous.... Today I will be showing the dress that she wore, that i'm talking about, as well a cheaper "Dupe" for those of us who still want a fabulous dress that, looks similar to the one she wore, but still stay on a budget.


 "Green Leopard Print" dress by designer Jovani.
Price: $450.00

This is a "Green Leopard Print" strapless- a line dress, with a beautiful beaded bust line.
Doesn't Shay Mitchell looks absolutely flawless and stunning?

#1 Dupe

I found this dress from "" and of course you can see, its definitely not an exact "Dupe" but I thought i'd show you this one because this is for all of you would much rather wear a shorter dress to prom, and still be able to wear this dress after prom for a date, or in the summertime.
The cost of this dress is $68.00
   This dress is so pretty, and what i thought was really interesting is, it has two different patterns throughout it, a floral & leopard print. I thought that was totally unique!

          # 2


I found this dress from "Unique-" The cost of this dress is $238.00. I think this is a gorgeous dress, and it has a similar style to the one Shay Mitchell is wearing in Seventeen Magazine. The difference with this dress is it has a little bit more colour going on.. and it is NOT strapless, but it has a one shoulder strap which I think is cute. The shoulder strap actual has beaded detailing to it, and the one Shay Mitchell is wearing has beaded detailing on the bust-line. This dress is also long just like Shay's. Overall it was very hard to find a "Dupe" for Shay's dress but I think this one has a similar style like I mentioned, and its perfect for prom!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post... More to come so... STAY TUNED!... Follow my blog!
Have a fabulous prom night and be SAFE!

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